• Gran Trail Peñalara 110 Km: 100 € (includes 2 € environmental fee)
  • Trail Peñalara 60 km: 76 € (includes 2 € environmental fee)
  • Reservation: Bus Navacerrada- Starting Line TP60: 8 € (1)
  • Cancellation Guarantee (optional, see conditions below): 10 €

(1) Participants who do not pay the bus reservation in advance must get themselves to the Starting Line in Miraflores de la Sierra (TP60).

  • Commemorative T-shirt
  • Finisher gift
  • Finisher medal
  • Tubular neck warmer or similar
  • Finisher Diploma (available on-line)
  • Trophies according to category
  • Medical assistance at designated areas
  • Rescue and evacuation, if necessary
  • Refreshment areas (as specified in the Technical Guide)
  • Bus Service for returning to the Finish Line (pick-up areas specified in the Regulations)
  • Wardrobe checkroom in the Sport Complex in Navacerrada
  • Showers in the Sport Complex in Navacerrada
  • Physical Therapists at Finish Line
  • Electronic timing with passing times
  • Accident Insurance and Civil Responsibility
  • Other gifts that might be provided by the Organization


From November 15, 2016 at midnight - November 30, 2016 at midnight.


In the event that a runner wishes to cancel their participation, once they have formalized their registration, they may request a refund of the amount paid. To do so, the following rules apply:

If you have paid the Cancellation Guarantee:

Period from January 1 - June 10, 2017. Cost: 8 €

If you did not pay the cancellation guarantee:

Period from January 1 - May 25, 2017. Cost: 50 % of the registration fee.

Requests for a refund must be made in writing and sent to the email address: Please indicate your personal data and attach the registration receipt. The refund will be made to your credit card which was used to make the initial payment. Outside the indicated period for refund, if the runner decides not to participate, there will be no refund. The runner may receive the commemorative gifts, if they pick them up in the period and times established by the race organization. In no case will these gifts be sent to anyone be mail.

It is not permitted to change ownership of the registration nor reserve a race number for future editions. The only rules that apply are explained above.


Both races, the Gran Trail de Peñalara (GTP) and the Trail de Peñalara 60K (TP60) take place in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park and other areas considered to be of important natural value, where the number of runners is limited. It is impossible to accommodate all the the pre-registrations received. Due to this, as in 2016, there will be a lottery before the final registration.

Participation in the Lottery

In order to participate in the lottery, it is necessary to pre-register by filling out the form available on the official website,, under the tab “Preinscripción” (pre-registration).

The price for the pre-registration is 10 €, to be discounted from the total amount of the registration fee, in the event you get a place in the lottery. If you do not get a place, the amount will be returned. If you receive a place and decide not to register, for any reason, the 10€ will not be returned.

Pre-registration is open to all runners who are 18 years or older by the day of the event.

For the GTP, it is necessary to verify that you have completed an event, between November 15, 2014 and November 25, 2016, from the list of classifying events, see the list at

The organization will verify the classifying race indicated on the pre-registrations for the GTP, and has the right to cancel the pre-registration without a refund if they find that the information provided is false.

It is possible to pre-register a group (minimum of two people, maximum of four). One person from the group should fill out the form on the website under the tab “Preinscripción grupo” (group pre-registration). The form must be completed with the information requested for all the members of the group. One number for the lottery will be assigned for the group. In the lottery, the probability of being selected is the same as for the both individuals and groups. The only advantage of the group pre-registration is that all the members of the group obtain the same result of the lottery.

In the case of mixed groups, the women will lose the opportunity to be included in the preferred quota established for individual women and will have the same luck as the rest of the group. This grouping is only valid for the pre-registration process. En the races, GTP and TP60, there are no group or team categories.

Only one pre-registration may be made, valid for participation in the lottery for the GTP or the TP60, you may not pre-register for both.

Number of places in the lottery

GTP: 445 men / 30 women.

TP60: 360 men/ 65 women.

The number of places is calculated according to the statistics from previous editions, in order to guarantee female participation, compensating the unequal presence in the lottery.

There will be no waiting list. These numbers contemplate an overbooking based on the statistics of drop outs from data from previous years, which guarantees that the number of runners will not surpass the number permitted by the National Park under any circumstances.

The organization reserves a limited number of places, not by lottery, for the following cases:

  1. A) Members of RSEA Peñalara, and other clubs that collaborate with RSEA Peñalara
  2. B) Invitations by the Race Organization
  3. C) Runners (men) under 14 hours in the GTP and under 6:30 hours in the TP 60
  4. D) Runners (women) under 17 hours in GTP and under 8 in the TP60
  5. E) Elite male runners with 750 points or more in the ITRA ranking
  6. F) Elite female runners with 650 points or more in the ITRA ranking
  7. G) Runners who have finished the 7 editions of the GTP or the 5 editions of the TP60

Interested runners that meet the above criteria in C,D,E,F or G should send an email to, indicating your complete name and contact information.

These reservations do not affect the lottery quotas.

Lottery procedure

Each pre-registration will be assigned a correlative number sent out in the confirmation email. Please make sure you provide a current and correct email address in order to receive notifications from the race organization.

If the number of pre-registrations is higher than the number of places available in the races, there will be a lottery. If the total number of places available is not covered, all the pre-registrations will be able to register. You will be notified to fill out the registration form and pay the rest of the amount due in the time period indicated by the race organization.

The lottery will be public and will take place at RSEA Peñalara, C/ Aduana, 17 - Bajo, Madrid, on December 1, 2016 at 7:30 pm.

A number will be chosen randomly (using a computer application) among all of the assigned numbers. Numbers will be chosen one at a time until the maximum number of places is covered, for the male pre-registrations and female pre-registrations alike.

If there are places available after the lottery and the formal registration period, the lottery process will be repeated with the remaining numbers until the places are covered.

For those people pre-registered for the 2016 edition of the same race, that did not get a place, an extra number will be assigned to you, if you correctly check the box on the pre-registration form as indicated. If you do not receive a place two years in a row, you will automatically receive a place in the same race of the 2018 edition with the same registration conditions at that moment.

It is prohibited to change numbers between the two different races, GTP and TP60.

Those people who are pre-registered (for the first time) and do not receive a place in the 2017 edition, will be eligible for an extra number for the 2018 edition, as long as they meet the pre-registration requirements at that time.

The results of the lottery are valid for the 2017 edition ONLY. It is not permitted to use a place in the 2017 edition for future editions, even if you have officially registered and then are unable to participate in the race or in the case you do not finish. No registrations are saved from one year to the next.

Pre-registrations that do not receive a place in the lottery will be refunded the 10€ deposit once the official registration period is completed and all of the available places are filled (see point 4.5). The refund will be made to the credit card provided in the pre-registration.


Once the lottery results have been communicated, the period to register will be from December 5, 2016 at midnight until December 10, 2016 at midnight. It is mandatory to pay the rest of the registration fee: 90 € GTP / 66 € TP60.

If you do not complete the final registration in the above mentioned period, you will lose your right to register. The deposit will not be returned and you will not receive the extra number advantage available in the lottery next year.

To finalize your registration, you must sign and return the document regarding responsibility (GTP and TP60).

For the GTP, it will also be necessary to present a medical certificate indicating that you are physically capable to participate in this type of event. The race organization will provide an official certificate to be filled out, or you should provide something similar. It should be signed by a physician within the last 6 months before the event. The race organization recommends that you get the medical certificate along with a stress test in order to make sure you are in good health.

The responsibility document and the medical certificate should be sent as an attached file to, providing your DNI, NIE or passport number, and your first and last names apellidos, before May 1, 2017. If the race organization does not receive these documents by the date indicated (no exceptions made) your registration will be cancelled automatically, and you will not be refunded the registration fee.
download document responsibility GTP
download document responsibility TP60K
medical certificate

By registering, you agree that you are aware of and accept the Rules and Regulations of the race, and that you give permission to the organization to use your image and data according to the Organic Law on the Protection of Data of Spain.

© R.S.E.A. Peñalara, 2016. All rights reserved.

June 23, 24 and 25, 2017

Starting Line: Plaza de Navacerrada (Madrid)

Starting Time: 11:30 pm, Friday, June 23

Distance: 114 km approx.

Trails: 60% (69 km)

Forest Tracks: 31 % (35 km)

Asphalt: 9 % (10 km)

Elevation Gain/Loss: +5.100 meters/-5.100 meters

Maximum Time: 28 hours

Male Record: 12 hours 37 min, Miguel Ángel Heras

Female Record: 14 hours 34 min, Gemma Arenas

Mandatory Controls:

  • Navacerrada (Start)
  • Cima de La Maliciosa
  • Canto Cochino
  • Collado de La Pedriza
  • Hoya de San Blas
  • Puerto de La Morcuera
  • Rascafría
  • Puerto del Reventón
  • Cima de Peñalara
  • La Granja
  • Casa de la Pesca
  • Puerto de la Fuenfría
  • Puerto de Navacerrada
  • La Barranca
  • Navacerrada (Finish)

There could be a surprise control anywhere along the race course.

Maximum Time for Arrival at:

  • June 24

K 17. Canto Cochino: 3:30 am

K 39. Puerto de La Morcuera: 8:00 am

K 54. Rascafría: 10:30 am

K 81. La Granja: 7:00 pm

  • June 25

K 105. Puerto de Navacerrada: 1:00 am

K 114.Finish Line GTP (Navacerrada): 3:30 am

Refreshment Areas:

Km 17 - Canto Cochino (liquid + solid)

Km 27 - Hoya de San Blas (liquid+ fruta)

Km 39 - Puerto de La Morcuera (liquid + solid)

Km 54 - Rascafría (liquid + solid)

Km 63 - Puerto del Reventón (liquid + solid)

Km 75 - Raso del Pino (liquid)

Km 81 - La Granja (liquid +solid + pasta)

Km 93 - Casa de la Pesca (liquid + solid)

Km 105 - Puerto de Navacerrada (liquid + solid)

Km 115 - Finish Line (Complete)

There are no cups available. Each participant must have their own cup for drinks. Bottles and water packs can be re-filled only with water.

Each participant must mark all of the wrappers of their energy bars, gels, food items etc. that they have in their backpacks in permanent marker with their bib number, including all of these items that are in the bag in Rascafría.

Backpack Transfer Service:

There will be a Backpack Transfer Service available. Participants in the GTP can turn in a backpack/bag(max. 25 liters) with replacement material that will be taken to the Refreshment Area at Rascafría. The bags may be turned in on Friday, June 23, up to 30 minutes before the start of the race, in the Sports Complex at Navacerrada. The will be available at the Rascafría Area. Once used, they will be returned to Finish Line.

Date: June 24, 2017

Starting Line: Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid)

Starting Time: 7:30 am, Saturday, June 24

Distance: 62 km approx.

Trails: 28 km (45 %)

Forest tracks: 29 km (47%)

Asphalt: 5 km (8%)

Elevation Gain/Loss: +2.750 m / -2.750 m

Maximum Time: 14 hours

Male Record: 5 hours 42 min, Raúl García Castán

Female Record: 6 hours 39 min, Cristina Blázquez Villacastin

Mandatory Controls:

  • Miraflores de la Sierra (START)
  • Puerto de La Morcuera
  • Rascafría
  • Puerto del Reventón
  • Cima de Peñalara
  • Puerto de Cotos
  • Bola del Mundo
  • La Barranca
  • Navacerrada (FINISH)

There could be a surprise control anywhere along the race course.

Maximum Time for Arrival at:

  • June 24

Km 11. Puerto de La Morcuera: 9:30 am

Km 26. Rascafría: 11:30 am

K 48. Cotos: 17:30 pm

K 62. Finish Line (Navacerrada): 9:30 pm

Refreshment Areas:

Km 11. Puerto de La Morcuera (liquid +solid)

Km 26. Rascafría (liquid + solid)

Km 35. Puerto del Reventón (liquid + fruit)

Km 48. Puerto de Cotos (liquid + solid)

Km 53. Guarramillas (liquid)

Finish Line (Complete)

There are no cups available. Each participant must have their own cup for drinks. Bottles and water packs can be re-filled only with water.

Each participant must mark all of the wrappers of their energy bars, gels, food items etc. that they have in their backpacks in permanent marker with their bib number. There is NO backpack service to Rascafría for participants in the TP60.

Bus Service:

There is a bus service that will take runners back to the Finish Line for those who decide not to continue. There will be stops ONLY in:

  • Morcuera
  • Rascafría
  • Puerto de Cotos


Tuesday June 20, Wednesday June 21, Thursday June 22:

10:00 to 20:00 h – Bib collection for GTP and TP60 (Barrabes Shop, C/ O´Donnell nº 19, Madrid)

Friday June 23:

12:00 to 22:00 h – Bib collection for GTP, TP60 (Navacerrada Sport Center)
17:30 to 23:00 h – Drop Bag for delivery at the Rascafría post, and for wardrobe (Navacerrada Sport Center)
18:30 h – Official presentation of GTP and SUC
19:00 h – Technical briefing for GTP
19:30 h – Technical briefing for TP60
19:30 to 21:00 h – Bib collection for Cross Nocturno (Navacerrada Sport Center)
21:15 h – Pre-race check-in (bib and material) of Cross Nocturno de Navacerrada (Paseo de los Españoles, Navacerrada)
21:30 h – The Start of Cross Nocturno (Paseo de los Españoles)
22:15 h – First runner arrival of Cross Nocturno (Paseo de los Españoles)
22:45 to 23:25 h – Pre-race check-in (bib and material) of GTP (Paseo de los Españoles)
23:30 h –The Start of GTP (Paseo de los Españoles)

Saturday June 24:

06:00 h – Bus transfer Navacerrada – Miraflores (for TP60) (from Bullring of Navacerrada)
07:00 to 07:25 h – Pre-race check-in (bib and material) of TP60 (Calle Norte, Miraflores de la Sierra, Madrid)
07:30 h – The Start of TP60 (Calle Norte, Miraflores de la Sierra)
12:00 h – First runner arrival of GTP (Paseo de los Españoles, Navacerrada)
13:15 h – First runner arrival of TP60 (Paseo de los Españoles, Navacerrada)
21:30 h – Race end TP60
22:15 h – Awards ceremony (Plaza del Doctor Gereda, Navacerrada)

Sunday June 25:

03:30 h – Race end GTP